Wentworth Falls

Just when I thought I wouldn’t find myself back in the Blue Mountains. Here I am writing up another little post. On this occasion I found myself trekking with a mate on the Overcliff track at Wentworth Falls. Just a smidge shy of regional centre of Katoomba, this area is a great gateway into the depths of the National Park.

The track itself starts at the Conservation Hut, a cafe/base for the local conservation efforts in the area. From there you are skirting the edge of the escarpment with a sheer drop to your right and a wall of either rock or bushland to the left. My shots barely do this place justice, on the right day where the skies are clear you can look down the valley for miles and miles. However a combination of local backburning and overcast skies made for obscured the view to an extent.

While on this route there is a short diversion to the Den Fenella lookout, which I highly recommend. Following a small creek down to the very edge of some cascading falls. It’s a good precursor to the Wentworth Falls themselves on top of which the steep stairs serve as a good workout.

As we got closer to the falls the sun finally peeked out from the clouds and lit up the area with a spectacular glow. Even the clouds above began to part, it was the first bit of blue sky that I’d seen in a couple of day. It was the perfect combination to showcase this wonderful region and the vast natural beauty it has.

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