Grand Canyon Track

The Grand Canyon track is a breathtaking track in the deeper reaches of the Blue Mountains National park. About 15 minutes down the road from the town of Katoomba the landscape quickly changes to dense bushland with nothing but road and trees. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself on the precipice of a ridge looking down on a sweeping valley.

My experience with this track started at Evan’s Lookout. You’re immediately faced with a swift drop comprised of stairs hewn into the sandstone. As you descend you immediately feel the change in temperature as you enter a pocket coniferous rain forest.

Progressing along the track, I was taken aback by the sheer amount of green in my surroundings. Ferns as far as the eye could see and every conceivable surface covered in moss. Despite being only 30 minutes into the 4 hour hike, the sense of removal from civilisation becomes real very quickly.

The piece de resistance is the canyon itself, which encompasses half of the trail. Starting at small creek, the track works its way up a pronounced canyon system. Before you know it, you’ll hit a meandering path that follows right through cascading waterfalls and massive cliffs.

On paper it’s short distance may lure the unprepared hiker. Be warned that this is a tricky track. The descent and ascent are quite steep, which might prove taxing depending on your fitness. Nevertheless, the Grand Canyon is a great walk that yields fantastic views.

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