Red Hands Track

Firstly, I’m sorry for all the Blue Mountains spam…not. It’s a great part of the world that I’m spending a lot of time in these days. In keeping with my outdoors approach you can’t go wrong with any of the tracks around here.

On this particular occasion I decided to break my usual haphazard approach to finding adventures. This sojourn had a more altruistic purpose. A good friend of mine is preparing to trek Nepal and needed a buddy to help train for the trip. Following a bit of research, we to settled on this unique track in the Glenbrook section of the Blue Mountains National Park.

Like most named things in Australia, this track is named on the landmark it leads to; the “Red Hands Cave.” A sandstone shelter containing indigenous artwork that has been dated as being over 1600 years old, pre-colonial landmarks such as this are few and far in between and it is a humbling experience to see such artwork as well preserved as this.

NB: The featured photo is not of the Red Hands Cave artwork but a cheeky piece of graffiti that was found on the way.

There are two approaches to reaching this site:

The hard way involves hiking from the Campfire Creek carpark down to the aptly named Campfire Creek. One then follows said creek for about an hour and a bit until you reach the cave.

The easier alternative is driving through the park along a number of unsealed roads (The Oaks Trail and Red Hands Cave Firetrail), which ends in a carpark that backs right onto the site.

Regardless of the approach you choose to take I’d highly recommend this trek as a great day trip. The track is fairly well signposted however it terrain means that hiking shoes are a must.

NB: For more detailed notes about the the terrain and a map for the hike I did, check out WildWalk’s comprehensive guide.

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