Great Ocean Odyssey Revisited I (The Inland Route)

In the Winter of 2016 I left Sydney with a full tank and a heavy head. An extended bout of shifts had left me in a poor headspace. As I normally do with such circumstances I seek the highways and the unknown that comes with them. Unlike my more recent sojourns, which have been relatively short term I clocked 2791 kilometers (about 1734 miles) in 10 days. I returned to the emerald city with a calmer mind and a full memory card.

As soon as I returned on that cold June morning I posted a rough album on Facebook and thought nothing more of these photos. This was the trip that inspired me to travel the roads of Australia in search of all the wonderful sights and locales that this country has to offer. By coincidence as I was preparing my previous post I rediscovered these shots. Rather than let them languish in the depths of an archive hard drive I thought it would be better to polish them up and put them on here.

This is the first of three posts and covers the inland route I took between Sydney and Melbourne (with brief interludes in Canberra, Holbrook and Wodonga)

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