Sugar Pine Walk

An extended bout of overtime shifts combined with moving apartments had left me craving for the open road. The Snowy Mountains region once again delivered the goods for scenery and winding country roads.

This landmark lies about 40 minutes drive from Tumut, just outside the township of Batlow. As with the roads around Tumut, there was much fun to be had on winding tarmac. On approach to this forest I took a route through Adelong where the roads are a little bit rougher but no less enjoyable.

The Sugar Pine walk is a preserved section of Bago State forest. First established in 1928, this 2.4 hectare section has been preserved simply for the sheer size of these trees. My photos don’t do enough to show off the grand scale of this place.

While the main walkway is only about 500m long the density of the plantation plays around with your sense of scale. Walking through, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a church with high vaulted ceilings.

It takes about four and half hours to get here from Sydney, it’s definitely worth incorporating into your snow trip if you have the time. You can get back onto the Snowy Mountains Highway to reach Selwyn and Cooma via Tumut.

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