Belmore Falls

If you’re craving nice rolling hills transforming into eucalyptus forests or are a fan of TLC’s “Waterfalls” this is the adventure for you.

Located just a little over 2 hours from Sydney in the depths of the Southern Highlands you’ll find this tremendous natural feature. Consisting of three enormous drops, it’s best viewed from the Hindmarsh Lookout.

It’s a very easy drive, following the Hume Highway out of Sydney then turning off onto the Old Hume Highway. One can either go through the townships of Mittagong and Bowral, or take the scenic route via Old S and Range Roads.

Even the 5km of dirt road in the Morton National Park is one of the easier roads to navigate. However, exercise caution if it has recently rained as the road quality deteriorates quickly.

The lookout itself offers great views of the falls and the neighbouring valleys. To top it off, the site is a known home to lyrebirds. Their cacophonous mimicry of car alarms and other artificial sounds never ceases to amuse.

Belmore Falls is one of  three accessible waterfalls in the region with Fitzroy and Carrington* rounding out the trio. If you want to make a weekend of it, you can base yourself in Bowral or Mittagong as they’re only a 30-40 minute drive away from each of the sites.


*NB: As of October 2017 Carrington Falls was closed to the public due to bushfire damage. The National Parks website suggests that they may reopen by December 2017.

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