Sydney Sights – Barangaroo

The recently established district of Barangaroo makes use of the void that was once a vast stretch of shipyards and wharves that stretched from the Harbour Bridge to Darling Harbour.

Today, the final stages of its rejuvenation are taking place as the once blue collar area is bleached white. A number of major companies have chosen to make this locale their new home in the city. The immediate skyline is dominated by the three International Towers, which in themselves that have become iconic harbourside landmarks.

Amongst these literal pillars of commerce lie laneways that have been christened as “Streets of Barangaroo.” Here you will find the latest in dining trends from macro cuisine to speakeasy gin bars and then there’s the scorching hot fried chicken…

To contrast the harsh futurism of the towers, a park has also been established. This space is far more that a token patch of grass. A hill has been manufactured out of the very stone that serves as Sydney’s foundation. The summit is known as “Stargazers Lawn” and offers unparalleled views of the often ignored Western approach of the Harbour. Beneath, a cavernous space known as the “Cutaway” serves as a venue for various occasions.

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